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The ” Le Langlois ” bulletin (Newsletter) has been published for 32 consecutive years until December 2015, when it was replaced by the publication of three Info Langlois published in March, June and July of each year. The Newsletter included from 28 to 40 pages of genealogical or historical content related to the Langlois, namely research results on “Les Langlois d’hier”, summaries Biography of “Les Langlois contemporains”, genealogical lines, Langlois additional information  about our ancestral sources and the list of active members. All  Bulletins published between  1985 to 2014 had a partial or complete bilingual content.

Allmost all research work published by our historian, archivist, author and geanologist Michel Langlois have been included over time in our Newsletter Le Langlois, mainly all research work done after the publishing of his book Noël Langlois et ses fils. Michel Langlois has a thorough command of the first three Langlois generations who settled in French Canada.

You will find below all Newsletter (Bulletin) Le Langlois published by our Association: