First board of directors of 1984
Board of directors for 2018-2020

Board of directors for 2018-2020

“Les Langlois d’Amérique” welcome you

“Les Langlois d’Amérique” are proud to launch their new website. We hope that you will enjoy it and be satisfied with your research. This site has been designed to become the core of our relationship with the Langlois descendants and more particularly with the members of our Association.

Welcome to the Langlois, Langlais, Lachapelle, Traversy, Germain and Aylwin who share the same Langlois ancestors. Listen to our theme song, download it and pay attention to the words and the history behind it. There is enough to celebrate.

Our members should visit their website on a regular basis to keep informed about their Association and the new additions to our Site Library. Most documents published by our Association since its foundation in 1983 can be found in our Library; the missing ones are being digitized and will be available soon. It is also possible to join our Association or to renew your membership on line: see the “How to become a Member” Section. On your first visit, simply use your Email address to login, click on “Forgot Password” and follow the subsequent instructions displayed on your screen. You can then access our Library and copy your favorite documents.

Join our Association now or contact us if you require more information. The membership dues and our members’ donations are the only financial resources we have. Support and join our volunteers whose goal is to gain a better knowledge of our ancestors while surfing on the Langlois road to celebrate our existence!

Gaston R. Langlois