Assemblées générales annuelles

Since its founding in 1984, Les Langlois d’Amérique have always held an Annual General Meeting as required by the Quebec law. For the first time in its history, the venue of the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGA) had to be canceled in order to satisfy the requirements of the Public Health of Quebec for the Covid-19 pandemic. The AGA is always the core event of our Annual Grand Rassemblement, which is held in different cities in order to fulfil some goals of our Association.   Souvenir photos of these various Rassemblements can be found on website Menu at Our Activities / Gatherings.

The board of directors of our Association resolved in October 2020 to organize the archives of the Association for its members. The contemplated archives shall give evidence of our Association activities since its foundation in 1984. It was agreed to seek the originals of all the Association Bulletins and INFOS published over the years, as well as the official minutes of our annual general meetings (AGA); if possible, such minutes would include all the reports which were tabled during the said AGA. Doubts were expressed on the feasibility to recover all the said past documents. Nevertheless, the Board decided to do its utmost best to succeed. Of course, the resulting paper archives are to be preserved in an appropriate public place and they shall be kept up to date once established.

The Board of directors also resolved to facilitate the access to the said archives for our members. For that purpose, it decided to incorporate in the Members Library of our website a digital copy of the resulting archives. This is why the website Library has already been enriched with a copy of all Langlois Bulletins and Infos published to date. (French and English).

The search for the official minutes of the Annual General Meetings is in progress, but the task is proving difficult for the years prior to 2005. At least, we have succeeded to find almost all of the documents filed at our AGA from 2005 to now. COVID-19 is delaying our task but we will eventually find out for sure at the end of 2021 what cannot be recuperated.

Actually, we are pleased to display what has been recuperated on the AGA held during the period 2005- 2020. For each year, the file generally includes the notice for the AGM, the approved minutes, the current year financial statements, the membership report plus sometimes the president’s report and the attendance list. To look for a given year, just click below on the Annual General Meeting of the desired year and you shall see the file of the said AGM. All documents are in French only.

If ever some of you have kept some of the documents we are actually missing, please inform about which document you could contribute. In any case, a report shall be issued by January 2022 on what is missing for the past AGM.