Should you wish to join us as a member, please download the attached "Request for Membership" form.  Mail the completed form to the address below with your cheque for $30.00 made out to the Association Les Langlois d'Amérique. 

 If you wish to offer a membership to a friend or parent, we will send to that person a gift certificate in your name, as well as a confirmation to you for your records.  Sponsoring a new member in this way will cost you only $20.00.

Please note however that you must add $10.00 to your gift if you want to enable the new member to request his family tree.  The "Discount Coupon" form can also be downloaded.

 A member is entitled to receive the following

  • A personal membership card with the logo of the Association.
  • Our annual bulletin "Le Langlois".
  • Three issues of our newsletter "Info Langlois".
  • Historical and genealogical information, upon request.
  • Discovering your first ancestor (a basic family tree): this is a service which the Association provides to its members free of charge.
A member can
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting.
  • Take part in all the activities organized by the Association.
  • Be a candidate for a position on the Board of Directors.

  • Be a contributor to our publications.
  • Take part in the exchange of information concerning our various ancestors.
  • Get in touch with distant cousins or namesakes throughout the world.
Why maintain one's membership?

Founded in 1983, the association "Les Langlois d'Amérique" undertakes through its volunteers continuing research into the various ancestors linked to the name Langlois even though some of the descendants today may be found under different names, such as Germain, Lachapelle or Traversy.  The only source of funding for this work comes from the membership fees and other gifts from its members.


Request for membership - in .doc format

Becoming a member means that the research undertaken so far will survive; that we will get to know our ancestors better; that we will better understand what the Langlois were all about.

Discount coupon - in .doc format

To sponsor a new member

Mail your form and your cheque to:

Association Les Langlois d'Amérique
2292, Crane Street
Ottawa, ON
K1G 3C7